Welcome to Oregon Artist School. Established in 2007, Oregon Artist School teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional Oil Painting and PC Art techniques and disciplines to children and young adults , Ages 4 and Up. Oregon Artist School also hosts several different Art Camps and Art After school Programs throughout the year. We are located in Bethany Village in Portland, OR. Oregon Artist School is dedicated to using high quality art materials and employing the most qualified professional teachers. We look forward to shaping the artistic talent in your child and assisting them in becoming the BEST ARTIST that they can be.

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About Art Class Program

Oregon Artist School currently has 5 different levels of achievement. Each level takes 6 to 8 months to complete. The timeframe for completing all 5 skill levels is 36 months. Once your child/children has/have completed all 5 levels they will receive an Oregon Artist School completion certificate. The list of art disciplines taught are as follows: Oil Pastel, Sketching, Water Color, Color Pencil, Gouache, Cartoon Anime, and Oil Painting. The levels are split up into the following time frames: Beginner 6 months, Intermediate 6 months, Advanced 8 months, Professional 8 months and Oil Painting 8 months. Parents will be required to sign out their student/s at the end of each class. Teachers will provide written feedback for students after their classes. This will allow parents to track their child's/children's progress. Each class will last an hour and a half and will meet once a week. For more details and information please check the Schedule on our website.


About Art Camp´╝ĆAfter School Program

Oregon Artist School also hosts several different camps throughout the year. Currently we have Spring, Summer and Winter Art Camps. There is also a Daytime Art Camp when there is no school due to administrative school functions. Art Camp is between the hours of 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. The different art disciplines taught in the morning for camp are Sketching, Water Color, Oil Pastel, and Color Pencil. Oil Painting is taught in the morning at a professional level. In the afternoon more relaxed disciplines will be taught for the students enjoyment, such as working with Clay, Sand Painting, Chinese Painting, Anime drawing and Arts & Crafts. Students will also have the chance to draw outside of class and free snacks will be provided during Art Camp. All Art Camps are professionally taught and the safety of all students is assured.
Oregon Artist School also has an After School program. The After School program will consist of Arts & Crafts, English Classes, Math Classes and helping children with their homework. The hours are from 3pm to 6pm Monday through Friday. We will provide pickup from the following schools: Bethany Elementary School, Jacob Wismer Elementary School, Findley Elementary School, Rock Creek Elementary School and Springville K-8 School. For more information and details, please check the Schedule on our website.


What we teach

Lets Talk a little more about our Professional Art Classes
When your kids come to our school , no matter he/she taking the Regular Art Class Programs / Art Camps Programs / Art After school Programs , We will give your kids have a TEST FIRST , to make sure which levels he/she will be . Teachers will follow the levels depend on the kids info make he/she own learning plan in his/her Programs .
Here is our 36 months learning example , Again ,Each kids should be have different learning plan . "Click" Each Picture to See Each Levels Learning Details


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Listed below are the different class schedules. Each will have a detailed description and details. Please check back frequently as the schedule may change.
Welcome to Download different forms for your kids art programs.

Q: How can I set up a FREE Test Class?
A: Very easy, lets start from here .

1. "Click" Each Picture to read our art programs, find one you interesting .

2. Call our representative 971-269-4680 ( 24/7 )(or leave messenge ,we will call you back ) to make a FREE Test Class , set up an appointment.

3. Finish FREE Test Class, Teachers will tell you more detail about your programs & find out which level your kids is .

4. Register your Art Class / Art Camp / Arterschool programs.

Q: How can I register ?
A: We have 3 ways you can register our art programs.

1.Read class schedule,find best time for you

2.Call our representative 971-269-4680 ( 24/7 ) (or leave messenge ,we will call you back ) to make sure we still have space available .

3.Download forms.

4.Send your register forms to us by mail to our office - 4852 NW 162ND Ter. Portland . OR 97229

5.You also can register by phone with your cards with our representative 971-269-4680 ( 24/7 )(or leave messenge ,we will call you back )

6. We also very welcome you visit our school register by your personal

Q: Oregon Artist School has any discount ?
A: Yes, We have some discount options .

1.If you pay by check you will get 1% back your amount . ( Afterschool programs CAN NOT use )

2.Two kids and over get simply discount ,second kid get 5% Off. ( Afterschool programs CAN NOT use ).

3.Afterschool programs prepay 3 months get FREE NO SCHOOL DAY .

4.Afterschool programs students if not enjoin 3 month prepay programs still get discount for No school day - Only $45/ per day

Download forms and print out here!

Art Class Registration Form
2019 Summer Art Camp Registration Form
2019 Art After School Registration Form
Art No School Day Register Form
2018-2019 Chinese Class Registration Form


All teachers employed by Oregon Artist School have degrees in various art disciplines and are hired for their professional demeanor and dedication to the promotion of art for a new generation of artists. Please check our schedule below.

Tuition/Contact us

Please check below for the fees for each class. Also PLEASE READ our schools policy for class attendance and refunds. All policies will apply regardless of being read or not. Please make it your duty to familiarize yourself with Oregon Artist School's policy. Some policies are also noted on the application form, which will require a parents signature. Non compliance does not negate policies. Thank you. Please
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