Welcome to Oregon Artist School Established in 2007, Oregon Artist School has been teaching Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / and Professional / Oil Painting and Pc Art Class art techniques and discipline to children and young adults from Age 4 and UP. We currently location at Bethany Village in Portland, OR . Oregon Artist School is dedicated to using high quality art materials and employing the most qualified professional teachers. We look forward to shaping the artistic talent in your child and assisting them in become the BEST ARTIST that they can become.

Art Class Curriculum

There are currently Five different disciplines being taught at The Artist School, they are Sketching, Watercolor, Oil Pastel, Color Pencil and Oil Painting. Each session will Consist of 12 classes where all or most of the aforementioned techniques will be taught. There are Four levels that the classes will be taught at, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional. Each child will be Personally Tested and assessed to determine which level they will benefit from before starting a 12 class session. This assessment class will be given to assure professional placement and be given Free of charge and will not be included in the 12 class session.
*Our Class - No Material Fee
*Our Class - Family Discount 10% OFF ( Second Kids )
*Our Class - 8 Students Class LIMIT
*Our Class - ONE FREE PC Art Class
*Our Class - ONE Art Show for all kids
We Are ONLY teach Drawing , Choose Profession!


Art Camp & Day Camp

Oregon Artist School also hosts Several different Art Camps throughout the year. Current there is Summer Art Camp during summer vacation, Winter Art Camp during winter vacation, Spring Art Camp during spring vacation and there is a Day Art Camp during days when there is No school due to administrative school functions. Art Camp is between the hours of 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. The different art disciplines taught in the morning for camp are Sketching, Water Color, Oil Pastel, and Color Pencil. Oil Painting is taught in the morning at a professional level. In the afternoon more relaxed disciplines will be taught for the students enjoyment such as working with Clay, Sand painting, Chinese Painting, Anime drawing and Arts & Crafts. Students will also have the chance to Draw outside of class and Free snacks will be provided the duration of Art Camp. All Art Camps are professionally taught and the safety of all students is assured.
*Our Camp - Every day have Professional Art Class
*Our Camp - Family Discount
*Our Camp - 8 Students Camp LIMIT
*Our Camp - Over 10 Different Art Active
*Our Camp - Help Kids Warm Food
We Are ONLY teach ART , Choose Profession!


Our Academic

Lets Talk a little more about our Professional Art Class
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Teachers & News

All teachers employed by The Artist have degrees in various art disciplines and are hired for their professional demeanor and dedication for the promotion of art to a new generation of artists.Please check our schedule below for our two current locations.Please
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Today Artist Show

3/4/2015 - Timothy Cai Art Show
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Artist After School Club

2015 Sep Coming Soon !

Artist Club Workshop

2015 Sep Coming Soon !

Art Summer Camp

School Tuition

Contact Us

Phone: 971-269-4680
E-mail: oregonartistschool@gmail.com

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